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Jackson Pollock Author: Leonhard Emmerling Jackson Pollock
Author: Leonhard Emmerling
No Limits, Just Edges

No Limits, Just Edges
Author: David Anfam, Susan Davidson

Product Description

The exhibition No Limits, Just Edges: Jackson Pollock's Works on Paper will feature a compelling group of approximately seventy-five artworks drawn from the holdings of institutions and private collections in the United States and abroad. While Pollock has been comprehensively investigated in recent international shows, a focused exhibition examining his drawing medium has not been organized since 1980. It is the exhibition's aim to re-examine the artist's practice as a draughtsman by considering his works on paper as an essential component in his transformation of the traditional figurative line into a non-figurative graphic expression. The exhibition will be accompanied by this fully illustrated catalogue. It includes a reassessment of Pollock's work as a draughtsman written by Dr David Anfam, a noted Abstract Expressionist scholar. Susan Davidson contributes a text that focuses on Pollock's early professional relationship with patron Peggy Guggenheim and the artist's engagement with the exiled Surrealists in New York in the 1940s. It also features a technical analysis on Pollock's working methods.
Jackson Pollock Author: Deborah Solomon Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock

Author: Deborah Solomon
0500285845 Jackson Pollock
Author: Ellen G. Landau
0870700685 Jackson Pollock
Author: Jackson Pollock, Kirk Varnedoe
0870700375 Jackson Pollock
Author: Pepe Karmel
0517560844 Jackson Pollock
Author: Steven Naifeh, Gregory White Smith
3933257115 Jackson Pollock
Author: Armin Zweite
3822831646 Pollock
Author: Taschen GmbH
0810958090 Jackson Pollock
Author: Justin Spring

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