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The king of the action painters, Jackson Pollock was to art in the 1940s what Andy Warhol was to art in the 1960s. Pollock's life was blighted by alcohol problems, and his death in a car crash in 1956 was put down to alcohol.

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Birth Name Paul Jackson Pollock
Born January 28, 1912
Cody, Wyoming, U.S.
Died August 11, 1956 (aged 44)
Springs, New York, U.S.
Nationality American (United States)
Training Art Students League of New York
Movement Abstract expressionism
Most Famous Works Include Number 5 (1948), Blue Poles (1952)

Jackson Pollock Author: Leonhard Emmerling Jackson Pollock
Author: Leonhard Emmerling
No Limits, Just Edges

No Limits, Just Edges
Author: David Anfam, Susan Davidson

Product Description

The exhibition No Limits, Just Edges: Jackson Pollock's Works on Paper will feature a compelling group of approximately seventy-five artworks drawn from the holdings of institutions and private collections in the United States and abroad. While Pollock has been comprehensively investigated in recent international shows, a focused exhibition examining his drawing medium has not been organized since 1980. It is the exhibition's aim to re-examine the artist's practice as a draughtsman by considering his works on paper as an essential component in his transformation of the traditional figurative line into a non-figurative graphic expression. The exhibition will be accompanied by this fully illustrated catalogue. It includes a reassessment of Pollock's work as a draughtsman written by Dr David Anfam, a noted Abstract Expressionist scholar. Susan Davidson contributes a text that focuses on Pollock's early professional relationship with patron Peggy Guggenheim and the artist's engagement with the exiled Surrealists in New York in the 1940s. It also features a technical analysis on Pollock's working methods.
Jackson Pollock Author: Deborah Solomon Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock

Author: Deborah Solomon
0500285845 Jackson Pollock
Author: Ellen G. Landau
0870700685 Jackson Pollock
Author: Jackson Pollock, Kirk Varnedoe
0870700375 Jackson Pollock
Author: Pepe Karmel
0517560844 Jackson Pollock
Author: Steven Naifeh, Gregory White Smith
3933257115 Jackson Pollock
Author: Armin Zweite
3822831646 Pollock
Author: Taschen GmbH
0810958090 Jackson Pollock
Author: Justin Spring

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