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William Hogarth is one of the greats of English art, though he is sometimes overlooked. His compassion for animals was noteworthy, and his most famous work was the searing 'A Rake's Progress'.


Birth Name William Hogarth
Born November 10, 1697
London, England
Died October 26, 1764 (aged 66)
London, England
Nationality British; English
Occupation Painter, Engraver, Satirist
Most Famous Works Include A Harlot's Progress (1731), A Rake's Progress (1735), Marriage à-la-mode (1743-45), Beer Street and Gin Lane (1751), The Four Stages of Cruelty (1751)

Hogarth Author: Jennifer Uglow Hogarth
Author: Jennifer Uglow

Product Description Review
Born and raised in Smithfield, between the hospital and the debtor's prison, William Hogarth witnessed greed and cruelty, crime and disease, the "scummy, solid and stinking" Holborn River, the lively spectacle of "waxworks, rope-dancing and music booths" and "obscene, lascivious and scandalous plays, comedies and farces" otherwise known as Bartholomew Fair. He walked past brewers' barrels, fish stalls, ungrateful beggars, and all orders of fops, harlots and chimney sweeps--and, luckily for us, captured his vibrant 18th-century surroundings with a satirical, exacting and often tender eye.

Uglow's detailed attentions to the historical facts of the day enliven and educate this fascinating portrait of the artist. We learn, for instance, that in Hogarth's revision of "The Distressed Poet", a caricature of Alexander Pope was replaced with a relatively innocuous engraving of a poem, thereby lessening his chances of making enemies with an influential figure. With splendidly detailed explanations and asides such as these, Uglow is never plodding, never dry. Particularly amusing is her explanation of the six-plate series titled "Marriage a la Mode", and her insightful unravelling of that by-gone custom known as arranged marriage. For those who prefer to learn their history with a smile, Uglow provides a splendidly entertaining and well-researched volume. --Martha Silano --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

The paintings and engravings of William Hogarth, the subject of this biography, have always been popular, but outside art history little is known about his life. He moved in the worlds of theatre, literature, journalism and politics, and found subjects for his work over the whole gamut of 18th-century London, from street scenes to drawing rooms, and from churches to gambling halls and prisons. Hogarth was made wealthy by his engravings for "The Harlot's Progress", but remained highly critical of the growing gulf between the luxurious lives of the ruling elite and the wretched poverty of the masses. Swift described him as a "pleasant rogue", and he numbered the likes of Pope and Horace Walpole among his friends.

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