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The Blue Max
The Blue Max

George Peppard stars as handsome working class World War One fighter ace, Bruno Stachel, who upsets the etiquette of the officer classes with his unchivalrous approach to warfare.

Stachel is obsessed with chasing glory throughout the movie, and when his only friend, Willi von Klugermann (Jeremy Kemp), dies during the pair's 'dare' of trying to fly under a bridge, Stachel is still worrying about 'kills' being credited to von Klugermann over him.

Countess Kaeti von Klugermann (Ursula Andress) falls under Bruno's spell, but, unfortunately for Bruno, she's married to Willi's uncle, General Count von Klugermann (James Mason). Revenge is a dish best served cold so they say...

The aerial stunts are exceptional, and there's stirring music from Jerry Goldsmith, indeed one of the best all-time scores of any film. Also, Ursula Andress has never looked more ravishing. The love scenes between her and Peppard are quite erotic for a family movie, but sweet at the same time.

- Paul Rance/

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The Blue Max Main Cast List
George Peppard as Bruno Stachel
James Mason as General Count von Klugermann
Ursula Andress as Countess Kaeti von Klugermann
Jeremy Kemp as Willi von Klugermann
Karl Michael Vogler as Otto Heidemann
Anton Diffring as Holbach
Harry Towb as Kettering
Peter Woodthorpe as Rupp
Derek Newark as Ziegel
Derren Nesbitt as Fabian
Loni von Friedl as Elfi Heidemann
Friedrich von Ledebur as The Field Marshal (as Friedrich Ledebur)
Carl Schell as Von Richthofen
Hugo Schuster as Elderly Servant
Alex Scott as The Orator

Directed by
John Guillermin

Produced by
Christian Ferry (producer)
Elmo Williams (executive producer)

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The Blue Max - Original Soundtrack
The Blue Max

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The Blue Max
Author: Jack D. Hunter
The Blue Max
Author: Jack D. Hunter

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