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Ancient Egypt Timeline


3500 BC: Senet, world's oldest (confirmed) board game
3500 BC: Faience, world's earliest known earthenware
3300 BC: Bronze works
3200 BC: Egyptian hieroglyphs fully developed
3200 BC: Narmer Palette, world's earliest known historical document
3100 BC: Decimal system, world's earliest (confirmed) use
3100 BC: Wine cellars, world's earliest known
3100 BC: Mining, Sinai Peninsula
3050 BC: Shipbuilding in Abydos
3000 BC: Exports from Nile to Israel: wine
3000 BC: Copper plumbing
3000 BC: Papyrus, world's earliest known paper
3000 BC: Medical Institutions
2900 BC: Possible steel: carbon-containing iron
2700 BC: Surgery, world's earliest known
2700 BC: Precision Surveying
2700 BC: Uniliteral signs, forming basis of world's earliest known alphabet
2600 BC: Sphinx, still today the world's largest single-stone statue
2600-2500 BC: Shipping expeditions: King Sneferu and Pharaoh Sahure
2600 BC: Barge transportation, stone blocks
2600 BC: Pyramid of Djoser, world's earliest known large-scale stone building
2600 BC: Menkaure's Pyramid & Red Pyramid, world's earliest known works of carved granite
2600 BC: Red Pyramid, world's earliest known 'true' smooth-sided pyramid; solid granite work
2580 BC: Great Pyramid of Giza, the world's tallest structure until AD 1300
2500 BC: Beekeeping
2400 BC: Astronomical Calendar, used even in the Middle Ages for its mathematical regularity
2200 BC: Beer
1860 BC: Possible Nile-Red Sea Canal (Twelfth dynasty of Egypt)
1800 BC: Alphabet, world's oldest known
1800 BC: Berlin Mathematical Papyrus, 2nd order algebraic equations
1800 BC: Moscow Mathematical Papyrus, generalized formula for volume of frustum
1650 BC: Rhind Mathematical Papyrus: geometry, cotangent analogue, algebraic equations, arithmetic series, geometric series
1600 BC: Edwin Smith papyrus, medical tradition traces as far back as c. 3000 BC
1550 BC: Ebers Medical Papyrus, traditional empiricism; world's earliest known documented tumors
1500 BC: Glass-making, world's earliest known
1258 BC: Peace treaty, world's earliest known
1160 BC: Turin papyrus, world's earliest known geologic and topographic map
5th & 4th Century BC (or perhaps earlier): Battle games petteia and seega; possible precursors to Chess

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