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Retroclassics in Stereo
Reviewed by Cardinal Cox


Write Dope on Pnuk part 41

The classic double album 'Nuggets' (overseen by Lenny Kaye, later guitarist for Patti Smith) collected various mid-'sixties near miss garage tracks. With raw energy, these proto-psychedelic numbers went on to influence a range of bands.

For the Psycho Bombs though, influence isn't enough, as this CD has ten covers of songs of the era. Thus you get such great songs as 'I'm 5 Years Ahead of My Time' (originally by The Third Bardo), 'Mr Pharmacist' (The Other Half, and later covered by The Fall), and 'Strychnine' (The Sonics, though don't The Damned cover it somewhere...).

Yes, there are great songs, done well by this five piece band, but I want to hear them play something of their own. They've got the licks, know the groove, they should be able to write something for themselves. Until then though, this CD will get some spins.

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