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Dear Alan, Norwich's, and East Anglia's greatest ambassador (and living in the Anglia region I can confirm Steve Coogan has it spot on).

Mad as hell, Alan lives in his self-deluded world believing that his 'talents' deserve better. A man of bland tastes, he thinks he's cutting edge. Thinking he's morally superior to everyone else, he launches into spiteful and/or foul-mouthed outbursts when he gets criticised. Like David Brent, he's an overgrown petulant child, but lovable because he tries to suppress emotions like rage, but can't quite manage it.

Though people had the uncanny knack of dying in front of him, Alan's 182 days at the Linton Travel Tavern probably tipped him over the edge, and his chocolate addiction was the obvious substitute for the missing affection in his life.

Things seemed to change for the better in 2002. With a new autobiography on the go, and the much-too-good-for-him Sonia in his life, Alan's personal life and career seemed on the up. It wasn't to be, but watching his book being pulped, Alan had probably come to the conclusion that he wasn't as great as he thought he was, and that he really needed to get back to sports presenting.

And there's always Lynn, someone Alan was quite protective of, especially when in the company of "sex people"...

- Paul Rance/

Memorable Alan Partridge Moments

  • Alan's lap dancing routine...
  • Accidentally shooting a guest dead - live on TV.
  • Punching smug Director of Programming at the BBC, the fictional Tony Hayes, on Alan's Christmas TV show.
  • Alan forging the signature of the new Director of Programming, Chris Feather. When Feather dies on Alan, in the act of signing a lucrative new contract for him, Alan just does what old mate Chris would have wanted...
  • Alan's reaction to seeing loads of pictures of himself, in the home of weirdo fan, Jed Maxwell.
  • Alan Partridge interviewing Peter Baxendale-Thomas of the Norfolk Farmers' Union (see video below), on the subject of intensive farming. "You could talk the hind legs off a donkey! Um, but your donkeys are probably born without hind legs because of all the chemicals you put in their, er, chips."
  • "Wings - the band that the Beatles could have been!" Alan talks about his favorite music after buying a state of the art Bang & Olufsen stereo.
  • Alan shouts for Dan.
  • Alan interviews two lesbians on Knowing Me, Knowing You. He hates them because their new TV series is replacing his chat show.
  • Alan goes round Dan's big house to look at kitchen designs to find that Dan and his wife are "sex people". A very awkward moment indeed.

Alan Partridge After Plastic Surgery
Glory be! It's plastic surgery Alan

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