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'Bless This House' was a popular ITV sitcom, which ran from 1971 to 1976. Sid James is head of the Abbott household, playing the wisecracking but careworn Sid. Diana Coupland is his middle-aged, but attractive and quite trendily dressed wife Jean. They have two children, Mike (Robin Stewart) and Sally (Sally Geeson), who seem typical of the new breed of teenager which came out of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

There was a film version of 'Bless This House' in 1972, with Terry Scott and June Whitfield as neighbours of the Abbotts. The hit sitcom, 'Terry and June', evolved out of these two characters. 'Bless This House' was produced by William G. Stewart - better known for being the presenter of the quiz show 'Fifteen To One'. A memorable theme tune was composed by Geoff Love.

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Bless This House Cast List

Sid AbbottSid James
Jean Abbott Diana Coupland
Mike AbbottRobin Stewart
Sally AbbottSally Geeson
TrevorAnthony Jackson
Betty Patsy Rowlands

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