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'Bottom' was a madcap, violent, very funny 1990s BBC sitcom, starring Rik Mayall as Richie, and Ade Edmondson as Eddie Hitler.

Richie is a frustrated virgin with a small pecker, and Hitler is a mad sadist who likes hitting Richie. Neither have much luck with the ladies. They're flatmates, so tend to get on each other's nerves ad nauseam. Richie is conceited and delusional, and tends to think any woman who doesn't fancy him must be a lesbian. Eddie is quite smart, but has drinking problems, which make him more anti-social than when sober. At least he has a couple of friends - Spudgun (Steve O'Donnell) and Dave Hedgehog (Christopher Ryan - reuniting with his 'Young Ones' pals). Richie has none.

Both Richie and Eddie have one notable quality - their indestructibility. Despite the very dangerous and violent scrapes they get into, nothing, it seems, can cause them mortal harm.

The Eddie Hitler character may have inspired Harry Hill's fashion sense.

- Paul Rance/

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'Bottom Series 1 To  3 DVD'
Bottom - Series 1 To 3

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Bottom - Live 2001

Bottom Episode List

Series 1
Smells – September 17th, 1991
Gas – September 24th, 1991
Contest – September 30th, 1991
Apocalypse – October 7th, 1991
's Up – October 14th, 1991
Accident – October 28th, 1991

Series 2
Digger – October 1st, 1992
Burglary – October 8th, 1992
Culture – October 15th, 1992
Parade – October 22nd, 1992
Holy – October 29th, 1992
's Out – April 10th, 1995 (not shown until '95. A murder on Wimbledon Common, around the time of the original scheduled screening, forced this episode to be pulled, as some of the content may have caused offence.)

Series 3
Hole – January 6th, 1995
Terror – January 13th, 1995
Break – January 20th, 1995
Dough – January 27th, 1995
Finger – February 3rd, 1995
Carnival – February 10th, 1995

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