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For a time 'Bread' was one of the most popular of British TV shows. Written by Carla Lane, this situation comedy ran for seven half hour series and three specials, from May 1st, 1986 until November 3rd, 1991. There were 74 episodes in all - all on BBC1.

Set in Liverpool around the Boswell family, with Nellie (Jean Boht) as its matriarch, 'Bread' had a number of lovable characters, including eldest son Joey (Peter Howitt), who was flash, though not seemingly employed, and the often lovelorn Aveline (Gilly Coman). The series began to decline when Peter and Gilly left the show. So ingrained in the public's consciousness were Joey and Aveline Mark 1, that it was going to be very difficult for the public to accept anyone else in the Joey and Aveline roles - and so it proved.

At its peak, 'Bread' had audiences of 20 million plus, and even had Paul and Linda McCartney guest starring.

- Paul Rance/

Bread Regular Cast List (actors listed first)

Jean Boht - Nellie Boswell
Jonathon Morris - Adrian Boswell
Ronald Forfar - Freddie Boswell (series 1-6)
Peter Howitt - Joey Boswell (series 1-4)
Graham Bickley - Joey Boswell (series 5 onwards)
Gilly Coman - Aveline Boswell (series 1-4)
Melanie Hill - Aveline Boswell (series 5 onwards)
Victor McGuire - Jack Boswell (series 1-3 and 5 onwards)
Nick Conway - Billy Boswell
Kenneth Waller - Grandad
Pamela Power - Martina
Giles Watling - Oswald
Caroline Milmoe - Julie (series 1 & 2)
Hilary Crowson - Julie (series 3 onwards)
Bryan Murray - Shifty (series 4 onwards)
Rita Tushingham - Celia Higgins (series 4)
Eileen Pollock - Lilo Lil
Joanna Phillips-Lane - Roxy
Peter Byrne - Derek
J G Devlin - Fr Dooley
Charles Lawson - Yizzel
Simon Rouse - Yizzel's mate
Deborah Grant - Leonora Campbell
Sharon Byatt - Irenee
Jenny Jay - Carmen

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Bread - Series 1 And 2 [1986]

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Bread - Series 3 And 4 [1986]

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