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Written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, Dad's Army was one of the greatest of British sitcoms. There were, in all, 80 episodes of Dad's Army, and it ran from 1968 to 1977.

Including possibly the strongest cast of actors of any British sitcom, the Dad's Army characters are, helped by BBC repeats, still remembered fondly by several generations.

The pompous Mainwaring, the smug Wilson, the paranoid Jones, the cynical Frazer, the immature Pike, the spivvy Walker, the gentle Godfrey, and the power-crazed Hodges - all characters that have endured.

Why a sitcom about the Home Guard should remain so popular, so many years after the Second World War ended, when some comedy from the '60s and '70s seems dated, is probably down to the timeless humour of funny situations, which is why Laurel and Hardy are still popular. And, of course, the strength and timeless relevance of the characters.

- Paul Rance/

Dad's Army Main Cast List

Arthur Lowe - Captain George Mainwaring
John Le Mesurier - Sergeant Arthur Wilson
Clive Dunn - Lance Corporal Jack Jones
John Laurie - Private Jock Frazer
Ian Lavender - Private Frank Pike
James Beck - Private Joe Walker
Arnold Ridley - Private Charles Godfrey
Bill Pertwee - Warden William Hodges
Frank Williams - Reverend Timothy Farthing
Edward Sinclair - Verger Maurice Yeatman
Janet Davies - Mrs. Pike

Written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft.

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