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'Ever Decreasing Circles' was a fine BBC sitcom, written by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, from the 1980s. Starring Richard Briers as Martin Bryce, the series focused on the Martin character and his problems with urbane new neighbour Paul (Peter Egan). The main problem Martin has with Paul is that he realises the newcomer is superior to him in almost every way. Martin is frightened of having his (self-proclaimed) high position in the community undermined by Paul. While Martin struggles to keep his irritability in check, at each new example of Paul's winning charm, Paul's feathers are never ruffled. Martin also begins to wonder if Paul is after his wife, Ann (Penelope Wilton).

The other two main characters in 'Ever Decreasing Circles' are neighbours much more to Martin's liking, and he regains a feeling of superiority whenever the amenable couple Howard (Stanley Lebor) and Hilda (Geraldine Newman) are around. A couple who are so together they try to dress alike, and can often be seen in matching sweaters!

'Ever Decreasing Circles' ran for four series from 1984 to 1987, and there were 27 half hour episodes in all.

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