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Family Guy - The Characters

You couldn't imagine a British show daring to have people call Prince Charles a "wanker", but 'Family Guy' hides from nothing. In the same episode, the Queen dies in a similar way to Princess Diana...

Revolving around the Griffin family in the fictional Rhode Island town of Quahog, 'Family Guy' makes 'The Simpsons' seem as safe as 'The Brady Bunch'.

Male head of the household Peter Griffin is similar to Homer Simpson. If not as aggressive as Homer (chicken nemesis apart), Peter is an overgrown child just the same.

Lois is Peter's mostly cheerful wife, and the couple have three children - bespectacled teenage daughter Meg, who feels unloved, rather stupid teenage son Chris, and then the real fly in the ointment, the psychotic, witty, cruel toddler genius with a posh English accent (!), Stewie. His sparring partner tends to be the family dog Brian, who happens to be an intellectual alcoholic, who also has a crush on Lois. Yes, this show goes where others fear to tread.

Peter's friends are a weird bunch. Quagmire is sex-obsessed, and has a toe curling effect on the viewer, Cleveland is dry, and goes off at a tangent, and paraplegic police officer Joe is prone to temper tantrums, with his voice sounding like a kick ass army sergeant when the anger kicks in.

Adam West, he of 'Batman' fame, voices insane mayor Adam West! Other regulars are bitching news reporters Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons, cool Japanese reporter Tricia Takanawa, creepy old pervert Herbert, slightly mad pharmacist Mort Goldman, and his Meg-obsessed son Neil.

A lot of famous names appear to add their voices to various characters, but guest stars who have voiced themselves include James Woods, Paula Abdul, Gene Simmons, Frank Sinatra Jr., Waylon Jennings, Marilyn Manson, and Patrick Duffy played his Bobby Ewing character from 'Dallas'!

- Paul Rance/

Family Guy Main Voice Cast List

Seth MacFarlane voices Peter Griffin/Stewie Griffin/Brian Griffin/Glenn Quagmire/Tom Tucker/Carter Pewterschmidt/God/Jesus/Bill Clinton/William Shatner
Alex Borstein voices Lois Griffin/Loretta Brown/Trisha Takanawa/Barbara Pewterschmidt/Queen Latifah
Seth Green voices Chris Griffin/Neil Goldman
Mila Kunis voices Meg Griffin (Lacey Chabert voiced Meg for the first series)
Mike Henry voices Cleveland Brown/Herbert
Patrick Warburton voices Joe Swanson
Lori Alan voices Diane Simmons
John G. Brennan voices Mort Goldman
Nicole Sullivan as Muriel Goldman/Alice
Adam West voices Mayor Adam West
Phil LaMarr voices Judge
Jennifer Tilly voices Bonnie Swanson
Charles Durning voices Francis Griffin
Phyllis Diller voices Peter's Mom

Carlos Alazraqui voices Jonathan Weed
John Viener as Adolf Hitler/Sylvester Stallone
Jeff Bergman voices Fred Flintstone
Adam Carolla voices Death (Norm MacDonald voiced Death for his first appearance in the series)
Drew Barrymore voices Jillian
Carrie Fisher voices Angela
Patrick Stewart voices Avery Bullock
Rachael MacFarlane voices Olivia
Alexandra Breckenridge voices Alyssa
Michael Chiklis voices Big Fat Paulie
Sam Waterston voices Dr. Kaplan
Chris Cox as George W. Bush
Fred Tatasciore as Jay Leno

Gary Cole voices Michael Eisner
Victoria Principal voices Dr. Amanda Rebecca
Dwight Schultz voices Clerk

Will Ferrell voices Fat Greek Guy
Tara Strong voices Amanda
Kevin Michael Richardson voices Bill Cosby
Lisa Wilhoit voices Connie D'Amico

Patrick Bristow voices Cheesy Charlie's ManagerJane Lynch voices Dotty Campbell
Debra Wilson voices Janet

Gary Janetti voices Eric McCormack
Denis Martell voices Santos
David Boat voices Ben Stiller

H. Jon Benjamin voices Carl
Danny Smith voices Alan Sherman Record
D.D. Howard voices Jane Fonda

Meredith Scott Lynn voices Brenda
Fairuza Balk voices Connie
Ricky Blitt voices Milano's Lawyer

Jay Mohr voices Joe Pesci
Mo Collins voices Ms. Hobson
Will Svoicesso voices Randy Newman
Candice Bergen voices Gloria Ironbox
Craig Hoffman voices Mother
Randy Crenshaw voices Barbershop Quartet Singer
Kate Rigg voices Brandi

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