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Titter Yourselves...

Frankie Howerd was one of British comedy's great comedians and comedy actors. His speciality was to say something full of innuendo, and, when he had got the amused reaction he wanted from his audience, berate them for having dirty minds!

In a career beginning in the '40s, Frankie is remembered for two of the most famous British comedy catchphrases, "Titter ye not" and "Please yourselves". He died in 1992, and in the last few years of his life he had become a cult figure among the young, which must have been very gratifying for him - him being yet another insecure comedian!

He appeared in a number of films, but most didn't do him justice, but the TV series, 'Up Pompeii', made him a huge star in the early '70s, as the leering Roman slave Lurcio, which really brought out Frankie Howerd's talent as a nod and a wink comedian, whose knowing gaze into the camera would tell a thousand words. Frankie was also one of the great chat show hosts, and is up there with the likes of Max Miller, Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper, Dick Emery, and Tony Hancock, as a one-man British comedy legend.

- Paul Rance/

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