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Arguably the best spin-off comedy of them all, 'Frasier' was a well cast, beautifully scripted half hour American sitcom, which ran for 11 seasons, on NBC, from September 16th, 1994 to May 13th, 2004. There were a whopping 265 episodes in all.

Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer), as a smug Seattle-based radio show psychiatrist, evolved out of the 'Cheers' character to become a great comedy creation. Snooty brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce), along with Frasier, made for two insufferably pretentious brothers, though they had a very down to earth father (John Mahoney)! Jane Leeves played the lovely, eccentric home help Daphne Moon/Crane, and Peri Gilpin was the spikey maneater Roz. Then, of course, there was the canine superstar Eddie (Moose/Enzo) hamming it up, and stealing many a scene. Other notable characters included the irritatingly effervescent Bulldog (Dan Butler), gothic beauty, and Frasier's ex-wife, Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth), and Daphne's bubbly mother Gertrude (Millicent Martin). One flaw in the show was Mancunian Simon Moon's Cockney accent. If there's one thing Americans struggle to grasp, it's the realisation that there are more accents in England than posh and Cockney!

Created by David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee, 'Frasier' was an intelligent comedy, and continued NBC's fine tradition of airing classic sitcoms - akin to the BBC's similar reputation in Britain.

- Paul Rance/

Frasier Legend Eddie Dies At 16

Frasier Cast List
Actors/Actresses listed first

Kelsey Grammer: Dr. Frasier Crane
David Hyde Pierce: Dr. Niles Crane
John Mahoney: Martin Crane
Jane Leeves: Daphne Moon/Crane
Peri Gilpin: Roz Doyle
'Moose' and 'Enzo': Eddie
Dan Butler: Bob 'Bulldog' Briscoe
Edward Hibbert: Gil Chesterton
Bebe Neuwirth: Lilith Sternin
Trevor Einhorn: Frederick Crane
Tom McGowan: Kenny Daley
Patrick Kerr: Noel Shempsky
Harriet Sansom Harris: Bebe Glazer
Marsha Mason: Sherry Dempsey
Saul Rubinek: Donny Douglas
Jane Adams: Mel Karnofsky
Millicent Martin: Gertrude Moon
Anthony LaPaglia: Simon Moon

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'Frasier Complete Collection DVD'
Frasier Complete Collection (Series 1-11) [1993] ~ Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves

'Frasier - Best Of Christmas DVD' Frasier - Best Of Christmas ~ Kelsey Grammar, David Hyde Pierce

'Frasier Series 1 DVD' Frasier - Season 1 [1993] ~ Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce

Frasier Series/Season 1 DVD Review
The amazing thing about this first series of 'Frasier' is that you could really be watching the final series and not notice any real difference regarding the main characters. That's good acting, I guess. This DVD includes the pilot episode, 'The Good Son', and extras such as 'Frasier Crane's Apartment', 'Behind The Couch - The Making Of Frasier', and celebrity voices. - P.R.

'Frasier Series 2 DVD' Frasier - Season 2 [1994] ~ Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce

Frasier Series/Season 2 DVD Review
Arguably the finest of all the 'Frasier' series, with the Crane brothers at their most pompous and puerile. All 24 episodes of the second series, and no dud. Frasier is fancied by a gay man, invades Daphne's privacy, and (as usual) blows a hot date, with a writer. There's even Niles having a duel. This DVD includes extras such as commentary by director David Lee and writer Joe Keenan, and a little doc on the much missed Eddie. - P.R.

'Frasier Series 4 DVD' Frasier - Season 4 ~ Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce
'Frasier Series 3 DVD' Frasier - Season 3 ~ Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce

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'Frasier Complete Series DVD' Frasier - Complete Series

Frasier - The Complete Final Season

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