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'The Goodies' were like 'Monty Python', but for a family audience. In its time, 'The Goodies' was a massively successful TV show, comprising of Cambridge Uni friends Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden, and Tim Brooke-Taylor. They were also friends at Cambridge with Pythons John Cleese and Graham Chapman, and Brooke-Taylor starred with the latter two in the late 1960s comedy, 'At Last The 1948 Show', which also featured Marty Feldman.

Evolving from 'Broaden Your Mind', 'The Goodies' ran for 9 series and 68 episodes, on the BBC, between 1970 and 1980. When they were effectively dropped by the BBC, 'The Goodies' switched over to ITV for one series and a special.

With guest stars including Patrick Moore, Beryl Reid, Michael Aspel, Joan Sims, and Stanley Baxter, and mad, surreal ideas like a giant white kitten demolishing London's Post Office Tower, in probably their most famous show, 'Kitten Kong', in 1972, 'The Goodies' also got away with subtle political sketches, because they just seemed so likeable - cuddly Bill, saintly Tim, and kindly prof Graeme. Other mad moments in the show included bomber geese, a rampaging Dougal, Tony Blackburn as Black Beauty, the Lancastrian martial art of Ecky-Thump - and they even had time for their own pop 'classic', 'Funky Gibbon'. 'The Goodies' regularly attracted audiences of 12 million, which every comedy show now would die for.

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