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'The Liver Birds' was Carla Lane's first successful TV series, which she co-wrote with Myra Taylor. This BBC comedy ran for ten series and 86 episodes, from 1969 to 1979, and was revived in 1996.

The series revolved around trendy flat sharing Liverpool girls, Sandra (Nerys Hughes) and Beryl (Polly James), and their problems with men, and life generally. Sandra was quasi-posh and pretty, and Beryl was more feisty and down to earth. The Polly James character was replaced by the livewire Carol Boswell (Elizabeth Estensen), but Polly reprised her role in the '96 revival. Other star turns were Michael Angelis as the rabbit loving Lucien (Carol's brother), and Mollie Sugden as Sandra's snobbish mother.

- Paul Rance/

The Liver Birds Regular Cast List (actors listed first)

Polly James - Beryl Hennessey (series 1-4; 10)
Pauline Collins - Dawn (series 1)
Nerys Hughes - Sandra Hutchinson (series 2-10)
Elizabeth Estensen - Carol Boswell (series 5-9)
Sheila Fay - Mrs Hennessey (series 1-2)
Cyril Shaps - Mr Hennessey (series 1-2)
George Layton - Joe (series 1-2)
Mollie Sugden - Mrs Hutchinson (series 2-10)
Ivan Beavis - Mr Hutchinson (series 2-3)
Mike Lucas - Gerry (series 2)
John Nettles - Paul (series 3-6)
Jonathan Lynn - Robert (series 4)
John McKelvey - Mr Hutchinson (series 4)
Michael Angelis - Lucien (series 5-9)
Eileen Kennally - Mrs Boswell (series 5-7)
Ray Dunbobbin - Mr Boswell (series 5-9)
William Moore - Mr Hutchinson (series 8 & 9)
Tom Chadbon - Derek Paynton (series 8 & 9)

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