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Beginning with the 30 minute pilot episode, 'Tomkinson's Schooldays', first broadcast on January 7th, 1976, there were a further eight half hour shows of this inspired Michael Palin/Terry Jones comedy. 'Ripping Yarns' consisted of traditional Boys' Own stories of derring-do, with Palin and Jones poking affectionate jest at the stiffness in which these tales were normally written, and, in that aspect of their humour which Monty Python had really excelled, sending up the absurdity of some aspects of British life and traditions, with Michael Palin playing the lead roles in every tale.

Being shot on film, 'Ripping Yarns' was an expensive series to make, and, ultimately, this brought about its demise. Though, maybe John Cleese didn't come cheap when he made a hilarious guest appearance in the heroic football tale, 'Golden Gordon'...

- Paul Rance/

Ripping Yarns Series 1 Episodes
September 27-October 25th, 1977, BBC2 Tuesdays, 9pm

The Testing Of Eric Olthwaite
Escape from Stalag Luft 112B
Murder At Moorstones Manor
Across The Andes By Frog
The Curse Of The Claw

Ripping Yarns Series 2 Episodes
October 10-October 24th, 1979, BBC2 Wednesdays, 9.25pm

Whinfrey's Last Case
Golden Gordon
Roger Of The Raj

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Ripping Yarns

Even More Ripping Yarns

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