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Frank Spencer is Mr. Bean's father, probably. Michael Crawford is outstanding as lovable idiot Frank, including risking his neck doing many of his own stunts. Michele Dotrice is, in that Brit sitcom tradition, Frank's (ultra) long-suffering wife, Betty.

Three questions. How did Frank manage to get a driving license, and how did he get a wife, and father children?!

- Paul Rance/

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em Main Cast List & Producers

Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer
Michele Dotrice as Betty Spencer
Jane Hylton as Mrs Fisher (series 1)
Glynn Edwards as Mr Lewis (series 3)

Michael Mills (1973-75)
Sydney Lotterby (1978)

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'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em: The Complete Collection DVD' Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em: The Complete Collection [1973] ~ Michael Crawford, Michele Dotrice
'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - The Specials On DVD' Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - The Specials [1973] ~ Steve Samson

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em Transmission Details & Episode List

22 Episodes (13 of 30 mins; 6 of 35 mins; 2 of 45 mins; 1 of 50 mins)

Series One (7 episodes - all 30 mins): 15 Feb-29 Mar 1973; BBC1 Thu 8pm
The Job Interview (also known as Getting A Job) 15th February
George's House 22nd February
Love Thy Neighbour 1st March
Have A Break, Take A Husband 8th March
The Hospital Visit 15th March
The Psychiatrist 22nd March
The Employment Exchange 29th March

Series Two (6 episodes - all 30 mins): 22 Nov-27 Dec 1973; BBC1 Thu 8.30pm
Cliffhanger 22nd November
The RAF Reunion 29th November
The Public Relations Course 6th December
Frank And Marvin 13th December
Fathers' Clinic 20th December
The Baby Arrives 27th December

50 Minute Christmas Special (50 mins): 25 Dec 1974; BBC1 Wed 7.15pm
Jessica's First Christmas 25th December

45 Minute Christmas Special (45 mins): 25 Dec 1975; BBC1 Thu 6.55pm
Learning To Drive 25th December

Series Three (6 episodes - all 35 mins): 11 Nov-16 Dec 1978; BBC1 Sat 8.30pm
Moving House 11th November
Wendy House 18th November
Scottish Dancing 25th November
Men As Women 2nd December
King Of The Road 9th December
Australia House 16th December

45 Minute Christmas Special (45 mins): 25 Dec 1978; BBC1 Mon 7.15pm

Learning To Fly 25th December

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