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'Sorry!' was a comedy vehicle for Ronnie Corbett, and had Ronnie C playing a man, Timothy Lumsden, in his 40s and still living with his parents. Timothy's mother Phyllis (Barbara Lott) was a devoted, but domineering, mother, while father Sidney (William Moore) was not the guy who wore the trousers in the house, though he did show his teeth now and again, normally when he'd say "Language, Timothy!" at any mild curse his son may have emitted. It was left to Timothy's sister Muriel (Marguerite Hardiman) and friend Frank (Roy Holder) to try and convince him to be more assertive.

Timothy did finally break away, at the age of 48, rather dramatically flying off with his love Pippa (Bridget Price) in a hot air balloon! Running on BBC1 for seven half hour series from 1981 to 1988, 'Sorry!' was written by Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent, and directed and produced by David Askey.

- Paul Rance/

Sorry! Regular Cast List (actors listed first)

Ronnie Corbett - Timothy Lumsden
Barbara Lott - Phyllis Lumsden
William Moore - Sidney Lumsden
Roy Holder - Frank (series 1-3)
Marguerite Hardiman - Muriel
Derek Fuke - Kevin
Wendy Allnutt - Jennifer (series 6)
Bridget Brice - Pippa (series 7)

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B0001WAGJC Sorry! - Series 1 And 2 [1981] ~ Ronnie Corbett, Barbara Lott
Sorry - Series 3 ~ Sorry

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