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David Jason is the likeable Inspector Frost in this long-running and very popular ITV series.

At a London press conference on September 15th, 2008, David Jason announced that he was quitting the role of D.I. Jack Frost. Jason said: "You wouldn't want me to play Frost in a wheelchair, would you? Frost is getting a little long in the tooth. I still enjoy doing it and it's a great part but I just think he's got to retire. It'll be a sad day."

- Paul Rance/

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A Touch Of Frost Main Cast List

David Jason as D.I. Frost
Bruce Alexander as Supt. Mullett
John Lyons as D.S. Toolan
Arthur White as Ernie Trigg
James McKenna as Sgt. Brady
David McKail as Dr. McKenzie
David Gooderson as Pathologist
Paul Moriarty as Sgt. Wells
George Thompson as P.C. Simms
Caroline Harker as W.P.C. Hazel Wallace
Bill Stewart as Sandy Longford
Stuart Barren as Sgt. Johnson
Bill Rourke as Sgt. Hanlon
Jon Sotherton as D.C. Howard
Lindy Whiteford as Shirley Fisher
Billy Riddoch as Hammond
Reece Andrews as Officer
Neil Phillips as D.C.I. Allen
Julia St. John as Amanda Chase
Ian Driver as P.C. Jordan
Christopher Rickwood as P.C. Stringer
Robert Glenister as D.S. Reid
Matt Bardock as D.C. Barnard
Nigel Harrison as D.C.I. Peters
Jim Shepley as D.C. Ketley
Mark Burdis as P.C. Naylor
Sally Dexter as D.S. Lawson
Paul Jesson as DS Dorridge
Isla Blair as Rosalie Martin
Gwyneth Powell as Kitty Rayford
Barry Jackson as Walter
David Killick as Pathologist
David Blair as PC Martins
Colin Buchanan as P.C. Austin
Jan Graveson as W.P.C. Brent
Ian Mercer as P.C. Craven
Craig Pocknell as Constable

A Touch Of Frost Episode List

Series 1
1 Care And Protection 1992-06-12
2 Not With Kindness 1992-13-12
3 Conclusions 1992-20-12

Series 2
1 A Minority Of One 1994-09-01
2 Widows And Orphans 1994-16-01
3 Nothing To Hide 1994-23-01
4 Stranger In The House 1994-30-01

Series 3
1 Appropriate Adults 1995-08-01
2 Quarry 1995-15-01
3 Dead Male One 1995-22-01
4 No Refuge 1995-29-01

Series 4
1 Paying The Price 1996-07-01
2 Unknown Soldiers 1996-14-01
3 The Things We Do For Love 1996-21-01
4 Fun Times For Swingers 1996-28-01
5 Deep Waters 1996-04-02

Series 5
1 Penny For The Guy 1997-09-02
2 House Calls 1997-16-02
3 True Confessions 1997-23-02
4 No Other Love 1997-02-03

Series 6
1 Appendix Man 1999-07-03
2 One Man's Meat 1999-14-03
3 Private Lives 1999-21-03
4 Keys To The Car 1999-28-03

Series 7/1999 Christmas Special
Part 1 Line Of Fire (1) 1999-25-12
Part 2 Line Of Fire (2) 2000-01-01

Series 8/2001 New Year Special
Part 1 Benefit of the Doubt (1) 2001-14-01
Part 2 Benefit of the Doubt (2) 2001-15-01

Series 9/2002 New Year Special
Part 1 Mistaken Identity (1) 2002-27-01
Part 2 Mistaken Identity (2) 2002-28-01

Series 10
1 Hidden Truth 2003-19-01
2 Close Encounters 2003-03-03
3 Held In Trust 2003-14-09

Series 11
1 Another Life 2003-26-10
2 Dancing In The Dark 2004-22-02

Series 12/2005 Special
1 Near Death Experience 2005-25-09

Series 13/2006
1 Endangered Species 2006-05-11

Series 14/2008
1 Mind Games 2008-12-10
2 Dead End 2008-19-10
3 In The Public Interest 2008-26-10

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