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Dark-edged doctor drama starring Peter Davison. 'A Very Peculiar Practice' ran on the BBC from 1986 to 1988.

- Paul Rance/

A Very Peculiar Practice Main Cast List

Peter Davison as Dr. Stephen Daker
Graham Crowden as Dr. Jock McCannon
Barbara Flynn as Dr. Rose Marie
David Troughton as Dr. Bob Buzzard
Amanda Hillwood as Lyn Turtle
John Bird as Vice Chancellor Ernest Hemmingway
Lindy Whiteford as Maureen Gahagan
Michael Shannon as Vice-Chancellor Jack Daniels
Gillian Raine as Mrs. Kramer
Dominic Arnold as Sammy Limb
Joe Melia as Ron Rust
Frances White as Dorothy Hampton
Thomas Wheatley as Farris
Kay Stonham as Daphne Buzzard
Eiji Kusuhara as Intrepreter
Mark Addy as Mal Prentis
JoJo Cole as Jo Lentill
James Grout as Prof. George Bunn
Mossie Smith as Chloris Jakeman
Colin Stinton as Charlie Dusenberry

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