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Oliver Tobias made a charismatic Arthur in this 1970s ITV drama about the mythical British king.

- Paul Rance/

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Arthur Of The Britons - Series 1-2 - Complete ~ Oliver Tobias, Michael Gothard

Arthur Of The Britons Main Cast List

Oliver Tobias – Arthur, Chief of the Celts
Brian Blessed – Mark of Cornwall
Michael Gothard – Kai
Jack Watson – Llud the Silver-Handed
Rupert Davies – Cerdig, Chief of the Saxons
George Marishka – Yorath, Chief of the Jutes
Gila von Weitershausen – Rowena of the Jutes
Clive Revill – Rolf the Preacher

Arthur Of The Britons Episode List

First Series (1972–1973)
Arthur is Dead
The Gift of Life
The Challenge
The Penitent Invader
People of the Plough
The Duel
The Pupil
Rolf the Preacher
Enemies and Lovers
The Slave
The Wood People
The Prize

Second Series (1973)
The Swordsman
The Prisoner
Some Saxon Women
Go Warily
The Marriage Feast
In Common Cause
Six Measures of Silver
Daughter of the King
The Games
The Treaty
The Girl from Rome

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