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Neil Pearson had a strong role as Detective Superintendent Tony Clark in this notable BBC TV cop series, which ran for three series from 1992 to 1994. 'Between The Lines' was created by J. C. Wilsher.

- Paul Rance/

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Between The Lines Main Cast List

Neil Pearson as Det. Supt. Tony Clark
Tom Georgeson as Det. Insp. Harry Naylor
Siobhan Redmond as Det. Sgt. Maureen Connell
Robin Lermitte as Det. Supt. David Graves
Tony Doyle as Chief Supt. John Deakin
David Lyon as Cmdr. Brian Huxtable
Barbara Wilshere as Kate Roberts
Lynda Steadman as Sue Clark
Lesley Vickerage as WPC Jenny Dean
Hugh Ross as Cmdr. Graham Sullivan
Elaine Donnelly as Joyce Naylor
Francesca Annis as Angela Berridge
Sylvestra Le Touzel as Sarah Teale
Jerome Flynn as D.S. Eddie Hargreaves
John Shrapnel as D.A.C. Dunning
Bob Mason as Richard Newman
Eve Bland as Ellie Hughes
David Fox as D.S. McAllister
Jaye Griffiths as Molly Cope
Anna Nygh as Mrs. Huxtable
Roger Allam as Peter Adams
Geoffrey Whitehead as D.A.C. Flint

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