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'Boys From The Blackstuff' was one of the BBC's greatest-ever dramas, with searing performances from the likes of Bernard Hill, Michael Angelis, and Julie Walters.

The harsh reality of Thatcher's Britain in the early '80s is vividly brought to life by Alan Bleasdale, and is set in Liverpool. It's bleak stuff, but it's not without its humour. Albeit of a dark nature. The scene in a pub, where everyone seems to have been driven crackers by years of unemployment, is funny in an uncomfortable, macabre sort of way.

Bernard Hill's Yosser Hughes became a national anti-hero, and his "Gissa job" became a national catchphrase. So crushed by not having a job he seems to think about nothing else, and enters a building site, and starts laying bricks (badly) - before anyone's offered him any work.

There are some who still think Margaret Thatcher was great for Britain. This drama proves otherwise...

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Boys From The Blackstuff Cast List

Michael Angelis as Chrissie Todd
Paul Barber as Scotty
Gary Bleasdale as Kevin Dean
Tamana Bleasdale as Anne Marie Hughes
Jamie Bleasdale as Dustin Hughes
Timothy Bleasdale as Jason Hughes
Jean Boht as Miss Sutcliffe
John Carr as John Malone
Chris Darwin as Snowy Malone
Tom Georgeson as Dixie Dean
Shay Gorman as Malloy
Suzanne Harrison as Clare Todd
Jean Heywood as Mary Malone
Bernard Hill as Yosser Hughes
Alan Igbon as Loggo Lomond
Clare Kelly as Justine Todd
Peter Kerrigan as George Malone
Iggy Navarro as Shake Hands
David Neilson as Lawton
Eileen O'Brien as Freda Dean
David Ross as Donald Moss
Tony Scoggo as Ritchie Malone
Ricky Tomlinson as Hospital Doctor
Julie Walters as Angie Todd
Jean Warren as Maureen Hughes
Diane Baker as Marie
Chris Benson as Redundancy Party Member
Joe Briath as Youth in Pub
Terry Butler as School Attendance Officer
Steve Carlow as Redundancy Party Member
John Chegwin as Eviction Man
Peter Christian as Moey
Ina Clough as Health Visitor
Jimmy Coleman as Docker
Al Conway as Redundancy Party Member
Doña Croll as Hospital Patient
James Culshaw as Police Driver
Jason Cunliffe as Boy With Airgun
Isa Dixon as D.O.E. Clerk
Vince Earl as Jimmy Johnson
James Ellis as The Wino
Steve Faye as Pub Manager
David Fleeshman as Assistant Manager
Harry Goodier as Scarface Policeman
Eric Granville as Glass Collector
Mike Hayden as Priest
Tony Haygarth as Aitch
Nicola Hollinshead as Janet Dean
Jeffrey Hoosen as Youth In Pub
Ian Jones as Malone Grandchild
Tara Jones as Malone Grandchild
Alan Junior as Redundancy Party Member
Joey Kaye as Electrician
Sam Kelly as Pub Manager
Noreen Kershaw as Doctor
A.T. Kossey as Gnasher Llewellyn
Sammy Lee as Himself
Cheryl Leigh as Jackie Mills
Hans Lindhuber as Ronny Renaldo
Karl Lornie as Danny Dean
Nick Maloney as Rent Man
Ron Metcalfe as Council Worker
Bill Moores as Arthur
Stephen Moss as Stephen Dean
Syd Newman as Laughing Cavalier
Lesley Nightingale as Veronica
Lloyd Peters as Morgan
Roger Phillips as Redundancy Party Member
Andrea Pruden as Malone Grandchild
Christopher Quinn as D.O.E. Clerk
Struan Rodger as Father Dan Thomas
Clive Russell as Policeman
Andrew Schofield as Nosebleed Policeman
Billy Simon as Redundancy Party Member
Graeme Souness as Himself
Lorne Walker as Redundancy Party Member
Jimmy Wilde as Gas Man
Peter Wilde as Youth In Pub
Gwyll Williams as Family Doctor
Tom Woods as Youth In Pub
Alan Wright as Docker
Martin Wyldeck as Marley

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