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An underrated BBC sci-fi/fantasy series from the 1990s, 'Bugs' ran for four series between 1995 and 1999.

- Paul Rance/

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'Bugs Series 1 DVD'
Bugs: Complete Series 1

'Bugs Series 2 DVD'
Bugs: Complete Series 2

Bugs Main Cast List

Jaye Griffiths as Roslyn 'Ros' Henderson
Jesse Birdsall as Nicholas Beckett
Craig McLachlan/Stephen Houghton as Ed Russell
Jan Harvey as Barbara 'Jan'
Paula Hunt as Alex Jordan
Gareth Marks as Jean-Daniel Marcel
Michael Grandage as Channing Hardy
Joseph May as Adam Mosby
Robert Morgan as Roland Blatty
Sandra Reinton as Christa
Richard Durden as Dent
Beth Goddard as Cassandra
Shezwae Powell as Coral
Jon Cartwright as Wence
Sean Arnold as Colonel Stone
Rupert Baker as Mission Control
Simon Dormandy as Zito
Su Lin Looi as Joy
Lesley Vickerage as Susan Vornholt
Albert Welling as Prison Governor
Leslie Ash as Kitty McHaig
David Hargreaves as Sir Anthony Fairchild
David MacCreedy as Ben
Philip Bowen as Simon
Robert Addie as Gen. Russell
Tom Butcher as Terry
Emma Croft as Morag
Russell Dixon as Dr. Corcoran
Laura Jones as Angela
Jonathan Magnanti as Hawkes
John McGlynn as Chris
Alison Rose as Karen
Indra Ové as Zephyr
Ben Price as Wymark

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