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Derek Jacobi played the unique detective Cadfael, in this medieval ITV detective series from the 1990s.

- Paul Rance/

Cadfael Main Cast List

Derek Jacobi as Brother Cadfael
Michael Culver as Prior Robert
Julian Firth as Brother Jerome
Terrence Hardiman as Abbot Radulfus
Mark Charnock as Brother Oswin
Albie Woodington as Sergeant Warden
Eoin McCarthy as Sheriff Hugh Beringar
Sean Pertwee as Hugh Beringar
Peter Copley as Abbot Herribert
Raymond Llewellyn as Madog
Gábor Urmai as Jehan
Anthony Green as Lord Hugh Beringar
Sarah Badel as Avice of Thornbury
Steven Beard as Brother Anselm
Shane Hickmott as Brother Adam
Robin Laing as Sulien Blount

Cadfael DVDs available from - in association with

'Cadfael Series 2 DVD' Cadfael - The Complete Series 2 [1995] ~ Derek Jacobi
'Cadfael Series 1 DVD' Cadfael - The Complete Series 1 [1994] ~ Anthony Green, Derek Jacobi



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