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Jill Gascoine starred in this interesting ITV drama from the 1980s, which was a spin-off of 'The Gentle Touch', and also starred a young Leslie Ash.

- Paul Rance/

C.A.T.S. Eyes Main Cast List

Jill Gascoine as Maggie Forbes
Leslie Ash as Fred Smith
Tracy-Louise Ward as Tessa Robinson
Rosalyn Landor as Pru Standfast
Don Warrington as Nigel Beaumont
Donald Churchill as Henry Woods
Peter Dennis as Desmond Proudfoot
John Pennington as Jeffrey Mortimer
James Cosmo as McNeill
Jon Iles as Parsons
Ken Sharrock as Skipper
Richard Beale as Prinley
David Rolfe as Commander
Alan Downer as Zhukov
Gavin Richards as Maitland

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