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'Crocodile Shoes' was a BBC1 drama, screened in 1994, and starred Jimmy Nail in the leading role of Jed Sheppard, who is a factory worker who becomes a country and western singer, and who meets some dodgy people on the way. Nail wrote the show and sang the catchy theme song. Alex Kingston also starred. 'Crocodile Shoes II' appeared in 1996.

- Paul Rance/

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Crocodile Shoes Main Cast List

Melanie Hill as Emma Shepperd
Alex Kingston as Caroline Carrison
Jimmy Nail as Jed Shepperd
Stuart Greer as Pete
Michael Neill as Peter
John E. Blazier as Chauffeur
Nadeshda Brennicke as Roxanne
Trevor Byfield as Connors
Elizabeth Carling as Wendy
Matt Deverlaux as Max the Sax
Mike Elliot as Bobby
Christopher Fairbank as Alan Clark
Trevor Fox as Tony
Selina Giles as Philippa
Bruce Irvine as Carmel's Band Leader
Sweeney MacArthur as Bazzer
Kenneth MacDonald as McCluskey
Amy Madigan as Carmel Cantrell
Matthew Marsh as D.I. Machin
Jacquetta May as Rose Hall
Robert Morgan as Warren Bowles
Christopher Nichol as Paul
Paul Palance as Big Chrissie
Sara Stewart as Lucy
Zubin Varla as Ronnie Devlin
Burt Young as Lou Benedetti

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