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Jack Warner starred in this first major police drama on British TV. When the show started on the BBC in 1955, youthful-looking Warner was already an old man, but he stayed for another 21 years, by which time firstly 'Z Cars' and then 'The Sweeney' had made 'Dixon Of Dock Green' look a tad dated.

That said, Warner's George Dixon character, with his friendly "Evenin' all", was the kindly bobby on the beat so missed by today's increasingly fragmented and selfish society.

Dixon had been shot dead by Dirk Bogarde in the British film classic, 'The Blue Lamp (1950)', so writer Ted Willis was taking full advantage of artistic license by reviving his creation.

- Paul Rance/

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Dixon Of Dock Green Main Cast List

Jack Warner as PC George Dixon
Peter Byrne as Det. Sgt. Andy Crawford
Geoffrey Adams as Det. Con. Lauderdale
Arthur Rigby as Station Sgt. Flint
Jeanette Hutchinson as Mary Crawford
Nicholas Donnelly as Sgt. Wills
Moira Mannion as WP Sgt. Grace Millard
Robert Arnold as PC Swain
David Webster as Cadet Jamie MacPherson
Graham Ashley as PC Hughes
Robert Cawdron as Det. Insp. Cherry
Anthony Parker as PC Bob Penney
Anne Ridler as WP Sgt. Chris Freeman
Jocelyn Rhodes as WPC Kay Shaw
John Hughes as PC Jones
Anne Carroll as WPC Shirley Palmer
Peter Thornton as PC Burton
Hilda Fenemore as Jennie Wren
Michael Osborne as PC Newton
Jan Miller as WPC Alex Johns
Joe Dunlop as Det. Con. Pearson
Duncan Lamont as Station Sgt. Cooper
Neil Wilson as PC Tubb Barrell
Dorothy Casey as Nancy Murphy
Paul Elliott as Cadet Michael Bonnet
Gregory de Polnay as Det. Sgt. Mike Brewer
Jean Dallas as WPC Betty Williams
Ronald Bridges as PC Bryant
Christopher Gilmore as PC Clyde
Jeanne Mockford as Miss Lucas
Michael Nightingale as Det. Con. Jack Cotton
Anna Dawson as Mary Crawford
Geoffrey Kenion as PC Roberts
Max Latimer as PC Bush
Zeph Gladstone as WPC Liz Harris
Andy Bradford as PC Turner
Michael Stainton as Bert
Harold Scott as Duffy Clayton
Kenneth Watson as Det. Insp. Scott
Ruth Lodge as WP Sgt. 'Scotty' Scott
James Appleby as 1st Man
Jenny Logan as WPC Sally Reed
Robert Raglan as Superintendent
Janet Moss as WPC 'Barney' Barnes
Bill Treacher as Arthur
Pamela Buchner as WDC Ann Foster
Dennis Cleary as Barman
Derek Anders as Det. Con. Webb
Jennifer Wilson as Susan Wood
David Lyn as PC Jenkins
Michael Sheard as 1st Patrol Officer
Stephen Marsh as PC Dunne
Hilda Barry as Annie Jordan
Mary Hignett as Ada Green
Sam Kydd as Harry Pegg
Frank Jarvis as Brian Grant
Godfrey James as 1st Military Policeman
Ben Howard as Det. Con. Len Clayton
Anthony Sagar as Det. Sgt. Brownrigg
George Betton as Will Bingham
Leon Cortez as Oppy Harris
John Caesar as Barman
Glynn Edwards as Chief Insp. Jamieson
John Rolfe as Clerk
Jay Denyer as 1st Golfer

Dixon of Dock Green [DVD]

Dixon of Dock Green: Collection 2 [DVD]

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