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'Doctors' is a BBC daytime soap based in and around a doctor's surgery. Beginning in 2000, 'Doctors' has been as impressive as any British soap of recent years, though its slot obviously doesn't help viewing figures.

- Paul Rance/

Doctors Main Cast List (actors/actresses who have appeared in the most Doctors episodes - 300 episodes or more, as of October 2012)

Diane Keen as Julia Parsons (1,642 episodes, 2003-2012)
Adrian Lewis Morgan as Dr. Jimmi Clay (1,122 episodes, 2002-2012)
Stirling Gallacher as Dr. Georgina Woodson (1,063 episodes, 2003-2009)
Christopher Timothy as Dr. Brendan 'Mac' McGuire (955 episodes, 2000-2006)
Corrinne Wicks as Dr. Helen Thompson (874 episodes, 2000-2005)
Eva Fontaine as Faith Walker (840 episodes, 2001-2006)
Sean Gleeson as Ronnie Woodson (835 episodes, 2003-2009)
Donnaleigh Bailey as Michelle Corrigan (687 episodes, 2002-2010)
Matthew Chambers as Dr. Daniel Granger (676 episodes, 2005-2012)
Ben Jones as Dr. Greg Robinson (640 episodes, 2003-2007)
Ariyon Bakare as Dr. Ben Kwarme (637 episodes, 2001-2005)
Maggie Cronin as Kate McGuire (604 episodes, 2000-2006)
Jan Pearson as Karen Hollins (593 episodes, 2004-2012)
Owen Brenman as Dr. Heston Carter (534 episodes, 2003-2012)
Sophie Abelson as Cherry Malone (495 episodes, 2007-2012)
Michael McKell as Dr. Nick West (474 episodes, 2006-2008)
Tom Butcher as Dr. Marc Eliot (452 episodes, 2001-2005)
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh as Dr. Zara Carmichael (432 episodes, 2009-2012)
Natalie J. Robb as Dr. Jude Carlyle (417 episodes, 2001-2004)
Selina Chilton as Ruth Pearce (390 episodes, 2008-2011)
Stephen Boxer as Dr. Joe Fenton (378 episodes, 2006-2010)
Anita Carey as Vivien March (360 episodes, 2005-2009)
Andrea Green as Sarah Finch (344 episodes, 2004-2006)
Chris Walker as Rob Hollins (340 episodes, 2000-2012)
Elizabeth Bower as Dr. Melody Bell (307 episodes, 2007-2009)



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