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Based on books by Faith Addis, 'Down To Earth' was a BBC1 drama series, beginning on August 6th, 2000, and initially featured Warren Clarke and Pauline Quirke (playing the author Faith Addis) as a couple looking to escape to the country in Devon, with their children.

Though generally a gentle series, 'Down To Earth' did have its tragic moments, especially when Clarke's character Brian died in 2003. From then on the main cast list changed regularly, with Ian Kelsey and Angela Griffin replacing Clarke and Ms. Quirke, before they themselves were replaced by Denise Welch and Ricky Tomlinson. The final episode was screened on March 6th, 2005.

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Down To Earth Main Cast List

Pauline Quirke as Faith Addis
Warren Clarke as Brian Addis
Toby Rossas Bryant as Marcus Addis
Ellie Beaven as Sarah Addis
Alexandra Stone as Molly Addis
Katy Reeves as Celeste Addis
Rosemary Leach as Irene
Ian Kelsey as Matt Brewer
Angela Griffin as Frankie Brewer
Ram John Holder as Wilson Steadman
Elizabeth Bennett as Daphne Brewer
Inga Brooksby as Becky Brewer
Charlotte Redpath as Lucy Brewer
Thomas Byrne as Sam Brewer
Denise Welch as Jackie Murphy
Ricky Tomlinson as Tony Murphy
Shelley Conn as Kerry Jamil

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