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Short-lived, late 1970s BBC soap, notable for being the first British soap opera to focus on the black and Asian communities, and for being written and directed by black artists. Norman Beaton, Corinne Skinner-Carter, and Rudolph Walker starred, and the series also featured a young Julie Walters.

- Paul Rance/

Empire Road Main Cast List

Allister Bain as Alvin
Sheila Kelley as Kate Morris
Frances Cox as Miss. Plowfield
Meg Johnson as Mrs. Ridley
Jamila Massey as Geeta
Gregory Munroe as Spar
Norman Beaton as Everton Bennett
Corinne Skinner-Carter as Hortense Bennett
Joseph Marcell as Walter Isaacs
Trevor Butler as Desmond
Wayne Laryea as Marcus Bennett
Nalini Moonasar as Ranjanaa Kapoor
Mellan Mitchell as Mr. Kapoor
Vincent Taylor as Royston
Rudolph Walker as Sebastian Moses
Rosa Roberts as Miss May



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