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Created by Phil Redmond, 'Grange Hill' was the BBC's longest-running drama - albeit a children's one. Set originally in London when it began on February 8th, 1978, the final and 601st episode was on September 15th, 2008, and featured Todd Carty returning as an older, wiser, and philosophical Tucker Jenkins. By then filming had moved up to Liverpool.

Not everyone loved 'Grange Hill' of course. The storylines were often controversial, featuring heroin addiction, attempted suicide, rape, and bullying.

'Grange Hill' launched the careers of a number of actors and actresses, who would star in 'EastEnders', including Todd Carty, Susan Tully, Sean Maguire, Michelle Gayle, Patsy Palmer, and Letitia Dean. Brian Capron, who played teacher Mr Hopwood, went on to become one of the most famous villains in British soap history as Richard Hillman in 'Coronation Street', and the late Michael Sheard, who played the initially severe Mr Bronson, was one of Britain's most respected character actors. He played Adolf Hitler five times! Oscar-winning 'The English Patient' director, Anthony Minghella, who died in 2008, worked on several series in the 1980s as a script editor.

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Grange Hill characters and the actors and actresses who played them (characters listed first)

James Arnold (Arnie) - Aidan J. David
Justin Bennett - Robert Craig-Morgan
Roland Browning - Erkan Mustafa
Pamela Cartwright - Rene Alperstein
Luke "Gonch" Gardener - John McMahon
Benny Green - Terry Sue Patt
Cathy Hargreaves - Lindy Brill
Alan Humphries - George Armstrong
Tucker Jenkins - Todd Carty
Judi Jeffreys - Laura Sadler
Togger Johnson - Chris Perry-Metcalf
"Zammo" McGuire - Lee McDonald
Duane Orpington - Mark Baxter
"Pogo" Patterson - Peter Moran
"Tegs" Ratcliffe - Sean Maguire
Suzanne Ross - Susan Tully
"Gripper" Stebson - Mark Savage
"Stewpot" Stewart - Mark Burdis
Trisha Yates - Michelle Herbert
Tanya Young - Kirsten Cassidy
Ziggy Greaves - George Christopher
Mick Daniels - Joseph Kpobie

Mr Geoff "Bullet" Baxter – Michael Cronin
Mr Bronson - Michael Sheard
Mr Griffiths (caretaker) - George A. Cooper
Mr Hopwood - Brian Capron
Mr Malachay Edward Baker-Duly
Mrs McClusky - Gwyneth Powell
Mr Brisley - Adam Ray
Mr Robson - Stuart Organ
Wally Scott (caretaker) - Simon O'Brien
Mr Geoff Hankin - Lee Cornes
Mrs Margaret Holmes - Rachel Bell
Mr Llewelyn - Sean Arnold

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