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Created by Tony Jordan, 'Hustle' was one of the most innovative BBC dramas of recent years. Beginning in 2004, 'Hustle' consisted of self-contained stories about a bunch of con artists with a conscience. It was also hard not to applaud, as they used their skills to take money from those who deserved to be fleeced.

A charismatic cast, Marc Warren's cocky but likeable Danny Blue was one of the more memorable characters of 21st Century telly so far. The capture of Robert Vaughn for the series as the wise old sage Albert was also a bit of a coup.

- Paul Rance/

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Hustle Main Cast List

Robert Glenister as Ash Morgan
Robert Vaughn as Albert Stroller
Adrian Lester as Mickey Stone
Marc Warren as Danny Blue
Jaime Murray as Stacie Monroe
Rob Jarvis as Eddie
Kelly Adams as Emma Kennedy
Matt Di Angelo as Sean Kennedy
Ashley Walters as Billy Bond
Liz May Brice as DS Hodges
Sara Carver as Rachel

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