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'London's Burning' was a long-running ITV drama series, which began in the 1980s. It focussed on the lives and work of a group of London firemen and firewomen, and was one of the most popular dramas in ITV's history.

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London's Burning Main Cast List

Glen Murphy as George Green
Shirley Greenwood as Maggie
Richard Walsh as Bert 'Sicknote' Quigley
Michael Garner as Geoffrey 'Poison' Pearce
Ben Onwukwe as Stuart 'Recall' McKenzie
Sean Blowers as John Hallam
Amanda Dickinson as Jean Quigley
Ross Boatman as Kevin Medhurst
Heather Peace as Sally 'Gracie' Fields
James Hazeldine as Mike 'Bayleaf' Wilson
Vanessa Pett as Kelly
Rupert Baker as Malcolm Cross
Sam Callis as Adam Benjamin
Samantha Beckinsale as Kate Stevens
James Marcus as Sidney Tate
Treva Etienne as Tony Sanders
Kim Clifford as Sandra
Andrew Kazamia as Nick Georgiadis
Al Ashton as Pit Bull
Helen Blizard as Marion
Edward Peel as John Coleman
Connor Byrne as Rob 'Hyper' Sharpe
Fuman Dar as Ronnie 'Hi-Ho' Silva
Sharon Duce as Elaine Reeve
Katharine Rogers as Josie Ingham
Helen Anderson as Fiona Hoddle Pearce
Joanne Adams as Andie
John Alford as Billy Ray
Clive Wood as Jack Morgan
Valerie Holliman as Clare
Alan Talbot as Jaffa
Helen Keating as Lil
Gerard Horan as Leslie 'Charisma' Appleby
Mark Arden as Roland 'Vaseline' Cartwright
Stephen North as Colin Parrish
Yvonne Edgell as Nancy
Joanne Coombes as Lauren
Carol Harrison as Dorothy
Frederick Warder as Cyril

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