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Charismatic Alfred Burke played enquiry agent and loner Frank Marker in this long-running British television series that ran from 1965 to 1975. Running for 7 series, 'Public Eye' was created by Roger Marshall and Anthony Marriott, and, thanks to the unglamorous Marker, was an antidote to the cool and slick shows of the 1960s. The series was produced by ABC, then Thames.

A humorous ABC trailer summed things up: "Marker isn't a glamorous detective and he doesn't get glamorous cases - he doesn't even get glamorous girls! What he does get is people who are in trouble - the sort of trouble you can't go to the police about, even if you are innocent."

- Paul Rance/

Public Eye Main Cast List

Alfred Burke as Frank Marker
Ray Smith as Det. Insp. Firbank
Pauline Delaney as Mrs. Mortimer
Brenda Cavendish as Nell Holdsworth
Peter Childs as Ron Gash
Barbara Keogh as Gladys Mottram
William Moore as Kenrick
Marjie Lawrence as Barbara
John Grieve as Jim Hull
Hubert Rees as George
George A. Cooper as Alec Payton
Philip Madoc as Dammon
Margaret Whiting as Evelyn Friendly
Valerie Bell as Barmaid
Mona Bruce as Mona Summers
John Collin as Alan Biddersloe
John Crocker as Hotel Receptionist
Garfield Morgan as Brown
Stephanie Bidmead as Penny Lawrence
William Lucas as Ben Osborne
Paul Dawkins as Soutar

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