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Patrick Mower played Detective Superintendent Steve Hackett in this underrated BBC cop show from the 1970s, which was deemed so violent that it was axed. Seemed a ridiculous decision then. More so now.

- Paul Rance/

Target Main Cast List

Patrick Mower as Det. Supt. Steve Hackett
Philip Madoc as Det. Chief Supt. Tate
Brendan Price as Det. Sgt. Frank Bonney
Vivien Heilbron as Det. Sgt. Louise Colbert
Ania Marson as Ros
Carl Rigg as Det. Con. Dukes
Grahame Mallard as Det. Con. Fletcher
Stephen Bent as Det. Sgt. Andrews
Del Baker as Carter's Thug
Derek Martin as Alan Ziegler
Eddie Powell as Carter's Thug

Target Episode List

Series 1
(1.01) Shipment
(1.02) Blow Out
(1.03) Big Elephant
(1.04) Hunting Parties
(1.05) Vandraggers
(1.06) Lady Luck
(1.07) Set Up
(1.08) Roadrunner
(1.09) Carve-Up

Series 2
(2.01) Rogue's Gallery
(2.02) A Good And Faithful Woman
(2.03) Queen's Pardon
(2.04) Fringe Banking
(2.05) Promises
(2.06) The Trouble With Charlie
(2.07) Figures Of Importance
(2.08) The Run



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