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'The Gentle Touch' was the first British TV series to have a policewoman in the leading role, with Jill Gascoine as Detective Inspector Maggie Forbes. First screened on April 11th, 1980, this ITV drama ran until 1984. There was then a 'Gentle Touch' spin-off, with Jill reprising her role as Maggie in 'C.A.T.S. Eyes'.

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The Gentle Touch Main Cast List

Jill Gascoine as DI Maggie Forbes
William Marlowe as DCI Bill Russell
Paul Moriarty as DS Jake Barratt
Nigel Rathbone as Steve Forbes
Kevin O'Shea as DS Peter Philips
Brian Gwaspari as DI Bob Croft
James Ottaway as George Taylor
Bernard Holley as Mike Turnbull
Derek Thompson as DS Jimmy Fenton
Michael Graham Cox as DI Jack Slater
Michael Cronin as Sgt. Sid Bryant
Peter Spraggon as Station Officer
Jean Hastings as WPC Evans
Avis Bunnage as Auntie Win
Pamela Buchner as Janie Russell
Ben Thomas as Eskimo
Hazel Clyne as Maisie
Debbi Blythe as WPC Virginia Hankie
Jason Savage as Child
George Sewell as Dave Connally
Brian Croucher as Harry Blanden
Ray Lonnen as Alan Lawson
Lesley Manville as Shirley Davies
Sue Nicholls as Joanne Blanden
Stephen Yardley as Jed Blanden
Gwyneth Powell as DI Mary Woods
David Battley as Reginald Loon
Lynda Bellingham as Alice Fairbrother
Eamon Boland as Dudley Fairbrother
Brian Coburn as Bernard Downes
Michael Darby as DC 'Dodger' Coombes
Gorden Kaye as Fat Henry
Peter Machin as Simeon Platt
Derrick O'Connor as Oscar
Ben Thomas as Eskimo

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