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Running on the BBC from 1991 to 1994, 'The House Of Eliott' was a series about two sisters attempting to run a tailoring business.

Louise Lombard played Evie, and Stella Gonet played Bea. Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins created the series.

- Paul Rance/

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'The House Of Eliott - Complete Box Set DVD' The House of Eliott - Complete Box Set [1991] ~ Louise Lombard; Stella Gonet
'The House Of Eliott - Series 1 DVD' The House Of Eliott - Series One [1991] ~ Victoria Alcock, Debra Beaumont

The House Of Eliott Main Cast List

Stella Gonet as Beatrice Eliott
Louise Lombard as Evangeline Eliott
Aden Gillett as Jack Maddox
Judy Flynn as Madge Howell
Cathy Murphy as Tilly Watkins
Diana Rayworth as Betty
Victoria Alcock as Agnes
Barbara Jefford as Lady Lydia Eliott
Stephen Churchett as Joseph Wint
Francesca Folan as Penelope Maddox
Kate Fahy as Alice Burgoyne
David de Keyser as Sir Desmond Gillespie
Rupert Frazer as Lord Alexander Montford
Michael Culver as Ralph Saroyan
Peter Birch as Arthur Eliott
Elizabeth Garvie as Lady Elizabeth Montford
Jeremy Brudenell as Sebastian Pearce
Maggie Ollerenshaw as Florence Ranby
Ian Redford as Larry Cotter
Caroline Trowbridge as Katya Beletsky
Kelly Hunter as Daphne Haycock
Bill Thomas as Charles Quance
Kate Paul as Chalmers
Robert Hands as Miles Bannister

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