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At the time, the 1960s, 'The Saint' was the most expensive British TV series ever made, and in his role as the suave Leslie Charteris creation, Simon Templar, Roger Moore's performance probably earnt him the James Bond role in the 1970s.

A typically 1960s show, with a typical formula - handsome man defeats the baddies, gets pretty girl, drives a sports car - 'The Saint' was still very enjoyable - mainly through the charm of Moore, who appeared in 118 episodes of this ITC series between 1962 and 1969.

- Paul Rance/

The Saint Main Cast List

Roger Moore as Simon Templar
Ivor Dean as Inspector Claud Eustace Teal
Ricardo Montez as Carlos Segoia
Larry Taylor as Alicron
Justine Lord as Galaxy Rose
Leslie Crawford as Dunn
Suzanne Lloyd as Claudia Molinelli
Arnold Diamond as Colonel Latignant
David Bauer as Burt Northwade
Annette Andre as Annette
Paul Stassino as Abdul Osman
Robert Cawdron as Sergeant Luduc
Charles Houston as Al Vitale
Sylvia Syms as Amos Klein
Ray Austin as Arthur
Hal Galili as Bartender

The Saint DVD available from - in association with

'The Saint - The Complete Colour Series (14 Disc Box Set) DVD'
The Saint - The Complete Colour Series (14 Disc Box Set)
~ Roger Moore, Ivor Dean

Roger Moore Autobiography available from - in association with

1408409461 Roger Moore: My Word is My Bond (BBC Audio)

Roger Moore reads his own autobiography, and describes his life in frank detail, but this is different to a lot of autobiographies, as the person he criticises is nearly always himself. - Paul Rance/



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