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Often grisly, but compelling BBC crime drama series, which began in 2000, with the impressive Trevor Eve in the lead role as as Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd.

- Paul Rance/

Waking The Dead Main Cast List

Trevor Eve as Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd
Sue Johnston as Dr. Grace Foley
Wil Johnson as DI Spencer Jordan
Claire Goose as DS Amelia 'Mel' Silver
Holly Aird as Dr. Frankie Wharton
Félicité Du Jeu as DC Stella Goodman
Tara Fitzgerald as Dr. Eve Lockhart
Esther Hall as Dr. Felix Gibson
George Rainsford as Luke Boyd
Michelle Forbes as Sarah
Lewis Bingley as Young Luke Boyd
Nicholas Beveney as James Jenson
Ruth Gemmell as Linda Cummings
Kananu Kirimi as Salma Ahmed
Eamon Geoghegan as Deano
Georgia Mackenzie as DS Andrea 'Andy' Stephenson

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