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'When The Boat Comes In' was a BBC drama, with James Bolam in the lead role as Jack Ford, a survivor of World War One.

The series was set in the 1920s, amidst the grinding poverty of a town in the North East of England. The series ran from 1976 to 1981.

- Paul Rance/

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When The Boat Comes In Main Cast List

James Bolam as Jack Ford
James Garbutt as Bill Seaton
Jean Heywood as Bella Seaton
John Nightingale as Tom Seaton
Edward Wilson as Billy Seaton
Malcolm Terris as Matt Headley
Susan Jameson as Jessie Seaton
Madelaine Newton as Dolly
Basil Henson as Sir Horatio Manners
Rosalind Bailey as Sarah Lytton
Geoffrey Rose as Arthur Ashton
Lois Baxter as Lady Caroline #2
William Fox as Duke of Bedlington
Roger Avon as Stan Liddell
Catherine Terris as Miss. Laidlaw
Vernon Drake as Hotel Porter
Noel O'Connell as Young Tommy
Michelle Newell as Mary Seaton
Isla Blair as Lady Caroline
Bobby Pattinson as Eddy Morton
Colin Douglas as Ryder
John Kidd as Tovey
Ian Cullen as Geordie Watson

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