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'Within These Walls' was the first notable British drama to be set in a women's prison. Running on ITV between 1974 and 1978, the series was set in the fictional HMP Stonepark, with Googie Withers initially in the lead role of governess Faye Boswell.

- Paul Rance/

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Within These Walls Main Cast List

Googie Withers as Prison Governess Faye Boswell
Katharine Blake as Prison Governess Helen Forrester
Sarah Lawson as Prison Governess Sarah Marshall
Elspeth MacNaughton as Sister Webber
Alison Groves as Prison Officer Poole
David Butler as Rev. Henry Prentice
Doreen Andrew as Sister Baxter
Floella Benjamin as Barbara
Natalie Kent as Beanie Dixon
Maureen Sweeney as Tessa Brady
Elsie Randolph as Mrs. Dobing
Shirley Dixon as Mrs. Phillips
Pamela Blackwood as Hazel Murray
Liz Goulding as Jean Truebridge
Carole Bollard as Prison Officer Bailey
Tony Steedman as Tom Lindsay
Sara Clee as Nora
Rio Fanning as Father O'Callaghan
Pik Sen Lim as Sister Ling
Toni Palmer as Fran
Ann Mitchell as Kathleen Marsh
Geraldine Moffat as Aileen Cruddley
Richard Steele as Mr. Jackson
Sarah Thomas as Susan
Cheryl Branker as Rose
Joan Ann Maynard as Avice
Gay Singleton as Sandra Logan
Lorain Bertorelli as Steve Barnet
Simon MacCorkindale as Dr. Dady
Anne Tirard as Prison Officer Wakely
Lesley Daine as Babs Ryan
Toni Kanal as Mrs. Scott
Catherine Terris as Prison Officer Black
Brenda Kempner as Miss Johnson
Shelagh Wilcocks as Night Orderly
Dennis Burgess as Sir Charles Talbot
Rosalind Elliot as Olive
Joan Harsant as Mrs. Dale
Alison King as Sadie Bell
Elizabeth Adare as Peggy Abbott
Judith Bruce as June
Maureen O'Reilly as Prison Officer Green
Ann Davies as Sarah Davidson
Joe Ritchie as Gardener
Jane Freeman as Ethel Cumberpatch
Linda Robson as Gillie
Nadia Catouse as Clemency
Elissa Derwent as Molly Ward
Jane Goddard as Elfie Shields
Christina Greatrex as Thelma Baker
Paul Greenhalgh as Dr. Russell
Annie Hayes as Pauline Macauley
Ella Milne as Lizzie Bromborough
Valerie Phillips as Prison Officer Gilmour
Joyce Rae as Sylvie
Sally Sanders as Prison Officer Worth
Jo Warne as Rita
Joanna David as Marian Pearce
Carol Gillies as Agnes Morrow
Caroline Mortimer as Marian Robertson
Amanda Murray as Prison Officer Royal
Penelope Nice as Carol Standstead
Gillian Rhind as Mike Lever
Jill Richards as Maisie
Pamela Stephenson as Prison Officer Dove
Lillias Walker as Jennifer Rawlings
Norah Blaney as Dolly Grey
Gil Brailey as Christine Jones
Carole Hayman as Joan Fleet
Mandy More as Patsy Danvers
Patricia Trueman as Prison Officer Watts
Sally Watkins as Jill
Avril Clark as Greta Gregory
Sally Lahee as Prison Officer Preston
Lala Lloyd as Mrs. Ross
Liz Smith as Tottie Dodd
Jan Younger as Glenda
Mona Bruce as Mrs. Armitage

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