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The idea for 'Z Cars', reputedly, came when writer Troy Kennedy Martin was ill with the mumps, and was listening to police radio messages to wile away the time.

With a very strong cast, including Stratford Johns and Frank Windsor, 'Z Cars' was based in the Liverpool area and ran from 1962 to 1978. It showed policemen as far from perfect, and was groundbreaking in its day.

The 'Z Cars' theme is still played at Everton FC home matches, to greet the home team when it runs onto the pitch at Goodison Park.

- Paul Rance/

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Z Cars [1962]

Z Cars Main Cast List (actors/actresses who appeared in 50 episodes or more)

James Ellis as Sgt. Lynch (626 episodes, 1962-1978)
John Slater as Det. Sgt. Stone (420 episodes, 1967-1974)
Douglas Fielding as PC Quilley (340 episodes, 1969-1978)
Bernard Holley as PC Newcombe (277 episodes, 1967-1971)
Ian Cullen as PC Skinner (220 episodes, 1969-1975)
Derek Waring as Det. Insp. Goss (215 episodes, 1969-1973)
Joseph Brady as PC Weir (178 episodes, 1962-1978)
Jennie Goossens as BD Girl (146 episodes, 1967-1971)
Paul Angelis as PC Bannerman (130 episodes, 1967-1969)
Frank Windsor as Det. Sgt. Watt (129 episodes, 1962-1978)
Stratford Johns as Det. Chief Insp. Barlow (126 episodes, 1962-1965)
Brian Blessed as PC Smith (114 episodes, 1962-1978)
Robert Keegan as Sgt. Blackitt (108 episodes, 1962-1965)
Colin Welland as PC Graham (86 episodes, 1962-1978)
David Daker as PC Culshaw (84 episodes, 1967-1977)
Terence Edmond as PC Sweet (78 episodes, 1962-1964)
Stephen Yardley as PC May (68 episodes, 1965-1978)
John Woodvine as Det. Insp. Witty (64 episodes, 1963-1969)
Allan O'Keefe as PC Render (63 episodes, 1971-1978)
Ron Davies as PC Roach (60 episodes, 1962-1969)
John Collin as Det. Sgt. Haggar (57 episodes, 1962-1978)
Geoffrey Whitehead as PC Baker (51 episodes, 1964-1975)
Pauline Taylor as WPC Parkin (50 episodes, 1967-1971)

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