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The fox communicated with his vixen, as the creatures were taken away.

These creatures were summarily put inside the disguised vehicle.

Hundreds of pairs of eyes watched in fearful silence, though well concealed by the denseness of a wood in summer. There was no grief for their fellow animals, only an acceptance of the inevitable maxim, "What you sow, so shall you reap."

There was no emotion on those who were slaughtering the creatures. They regarded each of these beings as a product. The more quickly killed the better. This particular food had to be kept fresh.

When life was extinct, the bodies were put into large refrigerators outside the transport vehicle.

There was one creature who had not been properly dealt with, and was making alternate gasp-groan type noises.

This proved to be intriguing, as the procedure was normally 100% effective.

The creature was thoroughly checked over, and the mistake would soon be corrected. The being communicated a simple message: "This isn't human." The creature had made a simple error of judgment. Not seeing the ship, or being able to see behind their silver masks, he had been presumptuous. They were not human and had no wish to be so. He would soon find out why...

© All work copyright of Nigel Pretentious.

NIGEL says: "We are all here, and that is why we are all here."

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