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Brigitte Bardot (1934-    )
Brigitte Bardot "was the image of the 1960s in the 1950s, a new post-war form of golden youth... ready to enjoy life." So says "The Encyclopedia of Movie Stars"

Certainly it's hard to find comments on BB without finding awe creeping into the writers' words, "a teenage earth goddess. BB appeared at a time when women discovered their sexuality and youth discovered its power... She looks like nobody... everybody has tried to look like her." Guoth "Hollywood and the Great Stars".

Brigitte is the only major star who has made the effort to contact P&F. She is a queen in spirit, who devotes her life to good causes, "sometimes I cry myself to sleep thinking about the suffering of animals" and with effect, notably her efforts to end the seal slaughter in Canada. BB's sobs on French TV over the issue must have had a marked effect.

Not too long ago Brigitte saved dozens of animals from being destroyed when a French zoo was closed down. Like Doris Day and Julie Christie, Brigitte has translated beauty on screen, to beauty in spirit off it. She actually visited the ice floes in Canada, so hers was no lip-service protest.

Brigitte influenced a generation of young girls to dress and look like her in the '60s, and is now on the threshold of making people think like her, regarding the feelings of sentient beings, the environment, etc.

She may be the most durable sex symbol of the 20th Century, as some have predicted, and, indeed, in a British magazine, "Idols", was voted top sex symbol among those still slive - nearly 20 years after her last film. But what really shines through is her vulnerability and confidence, like Monroe, a paradox on screen, but off it, "A woman with a noble mission and a kind heart." A woman who cares... "That kind of beauty is so much more real and deep than a flawless face." Amen.

From budding ballerina to film star to animal rights activist, the Parisian girl who "symbolised the ultimate woman for Western man", and who put St. Tropez on the map, sends her love to P&F readers, and, "love the animals".

(Originally published in Peace & Freedom Volume 6, Number 5, Summer/Autumn 1990)

- Paul Rance/

Films of Note

Act of Love 1954 First major film, with Kirk Douglas in lead role.
And God Created Woman And God Created Woman 1956 A Roger Vadim baby, and the film that made BB, though "Doctor at Sea", with Dirk Bogarde, 1955, and a bit part in "Helen of Troy", 1956, had made her face quite familiar to British and American audiences.
A Woman Like Satan 1958 (1965 in UK)
Babette Goes to War 1959
The Truth 1960
Vie Privée 1961
A Very Private View 1962 With Marcello Mastroianni. Sex symbol's loves and sorrows.
Dear Brigitte 1965 Boy writes letters to Brigitte, and ends up meeting her.
Viva Maria! 1966 (1965 in France/Italy) Comedy adventure with Jeanne Moreau and George Hamilton.
Two Weeks in September 1967 With South Lincs boy James Robertson Justice.
Shalako 1968 Western with Sean Connery and the late Stephen Boyd, who said of BB, "a marvellous woman".
The Bear and the Doll 1971 Collision of a cellist's Renault and a divorcee's Rolls Royce Sparks off a romance.

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