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Paul Newman

Paul Newman - 'Exodus' Trailer
Paul Newman pictured in a trailer for 'Exodus'


Paul Newman (1925-2008)
Compassionate Paul Newman, who died on September 26th, 2008, after a long and brave battle with cancer, was one of the coolest of movie stars.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, on January 26th, 1925, Newman served in World War Two, and, by a twist of fate, was pulled out of a mission when an aircraft radioman/gunner, as his pilot was ill. All those who went on the mission were subsequently killed. After the war, Paul Newman studied acting at Yale University, and was taught by Lee Strasberg in New York City.
He then went on Broadway.

After his first film, 'The Silver Chalice (1954)', and giving a performance he wasn't happy with, Newman first really made his name in movies playing boxer Rocky Graziano in 'Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)', and as Brick Pollitt (his first Best Actor Oscar nomination) in the Tennessee Williams adaptation 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1958)'.

In the 1960s Paul Newman was to become one of the biggest film stars on Earth, and his famous roles included the hustling pool player Eddie Felson in 'The Hustler (1961)', the spirited prisoner Lucas 'Luke' Jackson in 'Cool Hand Luke (1967)', and as Butch Cassidy in the most famous of all buddy movies, 'Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (1969)'. The 1970s saw Newman appear in two of the decade's biggest blockbusters - 'The Sting (1973) (again appearing with 'Butch And Sundance' partner and good friend Robert Redford)' and 'The Towering Inferno (1974)'. Paul Newman was still a major star in the '80s, and, in 1987, was to win his first Best Actor Oscar for 'The Color Of Money (1986)' reprising the role of 'Fast' Eddie Felson, and he was given an Academy Honorary Award in 1986* and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 1994. As late as 2003, Paul Newman was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role of John Rooney in 'Road To Perdition (2002)'. He was also a respected director and producer, and directed and produced 'Rachel, Rachel (1968)', which was nominated for Best Picture, and Newman's wife Joanne Woodward was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar in the title role. Paul Newman was nominated for an Emmy for Best Director ('The Shadow Box (1980)') and Best Producer ('Empire Falls (2005)' - for which he also won Best Supporting Actor).

A renowned humanitarian, Paul Newman was opposed to the Vietnam War and pro-civil rights, and he also made it quite high on Richard Nixon's enemies list - something Newman quite liked! In 1982, Paul Newman founded Newman's Own food products with writer A.E. Hotchner. Popular particularly in North America and Britain, Newman donated all his profits to charity. This has resulted in over $200 million in donations. Paul Newman faced up to his own mortality by arranging for the handover of the business to his daughter, Nell (Elinore). Newman had also started a foundation after the tragic death of his son Scott. A gifted racing driver, Paul Newman finished second in the prestigious Le Mans race in 1979.

Paul Newman died at his home in Westport, Connecticut. He was 83, and his famous marriage to actress Joanne Woodward had lasted over 50 years. Paul once said: "I'd like to be remembered as a guy who tried to extend himself as a human being. Someone who isn't complacent, who doesn't cop out." Paul Newman was more than a blue-eyed pretty boy, that's for sure.

- Paul Rance/

* Citation: "In recognition of his many and memorable and compelling screen performances and for his personal integrity and dedication to his craft."

Paul Newman - Best Actor Oscar Nominations
1959 - Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
1962 - The Hustler
1964 - Hud
1968 - Cool Hand Luke
1982 - Absence Of Malice
1983 - The Verdict
1987 - The Color Of Money (Won)
1995 - Nobody's Fool

Paul Newman - Tributes
A moving staement from Paul's daughters Claire, Melissa, Elinor, Stephanie and Susan said: "Our father played many unforgettable roles. But the ones for which he was proudest never had top billing."
Robert Redford: "There is a point where feelings go beyond words. My life - and this country - is better for his being in it and his death will sadden so many people."
Julia Roberts: "He was my hero, he was a total inspiration."
George Clooney: "He set the bar too high for the rest of us, he was the best."

Joan Collins: "Paul Newman was that rare creation - an actor and a gentleman. He was a superb humanitarian, beginning decades ago when it was not fashionable to care about underprivileged children and Third World poverty."
Kevin Spacey: "Paul never let any of the success go to his head, and he was a very humble man who didn't like a fuss.
He was a remarkable man and a great humanitarian."

According to 'The Guardian', Paul Newman "was America's biggest philanthropist in proportion to his own wealth". More here.

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Paul Newman Filmography
(most recent films listed first)

Cars (voice) (2006)
Road To Perdition (2002)
Where The Money Is (2000)
Message In A Bottle (1999)
Twilight (1998)
Nobody's Fool (1994)
The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)
Mr. & Mrs. Bridge (1990)
Blaze (1989)
Fat Man And Little Boy (1989)
The Color Of Money (1986)
Harry & Son (1984)
The Verdict (1982)
Absence Of Malice (1981)
Fort Apache The Bronx (1981)
When Time Ran Out... (1980)
Quintet (1979)
Slap Shot (1977)
Buffalo Bill And The Indians, Or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (1976)
The Drowning Pool (1975)
The Towering Inferno (1974)
The Sting (1973)
The MacKintosh Man (1973)
The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean (1972)
Pocket Money (1972)
Sometimes A Great Notion (1971)
WUSA (1970)
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (1969)
Winning (1969)
The Secret War Of Harry Frigg (1968)
Cool Hand Luke (1967)
Hombre (1967)
Torn Curtain (1966)
Harper/The Moving Target (1966)
Lady L (1965)
The Outrage (1964)
What A Way To Go! (1964)
The Prize (1963)
A New Kind Of Love (1963)
Hud (1963)
Hemingway's Adventures Of A Young Man (1962)
Sweet Bird Of Youth (1962)
Paris Blues (1961)
The Hustler (1961)
Exodus (1960)
From The Terrace (1960)
The Young Philadelphians (1959)
Rally 'Round The Flag, Boys! (1958)
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1958)
The Left Handed Gun (1958)
The Long, Hot Summer (1958)
Until They Sail (1957)
The Helen Morgan Story (1957)
The Rack (1956)
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)
The Silver Chalice (1954)







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