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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Asepisis Interview


Asepisis interviewed by Paul Rance for Peace & Freedom, No. 1, January 1985

What follows is an interview with Jez Liston of Asepisis.

What do you think of conventional music?

I don't like labels such as "conventional", etc., but if by that you mean chart-type material then I find little to excite me.

What have you released so far and how many tapes have you sold of each?

I've not released a complete tape as yet. I should have done, but I've had many hassles. It was to have been released by "Do Easy", but we've fallen out. Anal Probe want to release it. It's a C60 entitled "The Glory of Punishment".

Who do you most admire in music?

Ah-ha; influences, eh? Throbbing Gristle were pretty important to me as are Test Department. But I listen to just about all forms of music and admire, like and am influenced by a very wide range of people from Sade, ABC to Whitehouse and covering just about all possible things in between. If I must put down one name then I guess it would have to be James Brown.

How do you create the various sounds?

Synth and Yamaha keyboards, whitenoise/feedback, multi-tracking/voice, "fourd" tapes, guitar, etc... Oh, and the obligatory metal objects. Most sound is treated, though, and little goes direct to tape.

Have you ever featured on any compilation tapes -- and if so, which ones?

Yes. Do Easy-Circumcising the Foreskin of Your Heart; Anal Probe-Carnage in a Country Garden; Selbsword Org-From Down Yondah and Case for Concern -- don't know title as yet.

What are your future plans?

Getting "The Glory of Punishment" released. I'm very frustrated! Beyond that I'm not sure I've got a lot of anger inside just waiting to get out.

Ta to Jez for answering the above questions.



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