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Bad Brains - I Against I (SST 065/Vinyl) (1986)


Bad Brains - 'I Against I' CD Cover
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Bad Brains remain one of the most unique of American bands. Mainly known as a pioneering black hardcore punk group, they incorporated reggae, progressive rock, funk and jazz. Like The Clash before them, Bad Brains weren't constrained by musical styles.

A band of contradictions, Bad Brains have espoused peace and love on the one hand, but have also blotted their copybook on the other, with lead singer H.R. especially partial to overly aggressive behaviour.

'I Against I' is recognised as the album which established Bad Brains as a force to be reckoned with. It's a mix of power and melody, unique and hard to pigeon-hole. 'I Against I' and 'Re-Ignition' particularly stand out. Also notable is the fact that H.R. was in prison when part of this album was recorded, and, for the 'Sacred Love' track, his voice was recorded via a prison telephone!

- Paul Rance/

I Against I Track Listing

1. Intro - 1:02 (Miller, Jenifer)
2. I Against I - 2:50 (Hudson, Miller, Jenifer)
3. House Of Suffering - 2:29 (Hudson, Miller)
4. Re-Ignition - 4:16 (Hudson, Miller, Jenifer)
5. Secret 77 - 4:04 (Hudson, Miller, Jenifer)
6. Let Me Help - 2:17 (Hudson, Miller, Jenifer)
7. She's Calling You - 3:42 (Hudson, Jenifer)
8. Sacred Love - 3:40 (Hudson, Miller, Jenifer)
9. Hired Gun - 3:45 (Hudson, Miller, Jenifer)
10. Return To Heaven - 3:19 (Hudson, Miller, Jenifer)

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