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Black and White (Fanzine)

Black and White No. 1

A gem is upon us. Glossy-covered tome full of groovy artwork. Outspoken comments from abortion to unemployment. Music, poetry, fanzine listings/reviews, cartoons, The Prisoner et al, etal, et al; an inspiration.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, No. 4, Summer/Autumn 1986

Black and White No. 2

The best "general" mag., along with "Stride" and "Tears in the Fence". This issue includeds collages, reviews, poetry, articles on rape, unemployment and Russell Hoban. Very well-produced, partially typeset. Various typefaces enhance the, already, impressive visual image.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, No. 5, Summer 1987

The first two issues of this mag. were very impressive. A pot pourri of so many things. Haven't heard from them for a while, so no latest issues to report. Issue 2 is available at the reasonable price of £1 and includes collages, poetry, reviews, articles on rape, abortion, unemployment and Russell Hoban. Great visual image with glossy cover, and partially typeset.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, Vol. 5, No. 3, Spring/Summer 1988



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